Individual & Group Coaching Offerings 

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Leadership Development Coaching

In my work with leaders we explore:
  • What are the behaviors that best serve and define you as a leader?
  • What are the behaviors that contribute to your blind spots and limit you?
  • How might you shift your communication to more effectively engender trust and influence outcomes?
  • Are there better ways to manage your time in service of long-term objectives?
  • Where can you delegate to and develop others to free up your time and energy?
  • What legacy would you like to leave and how do your current actions align with that future vision?


Organizational Coaching

I work with organizations who want to invest in their high performers and future leaders to enhance and develop strengths like:
  • Executive Presence and Effective Communication
  • Emotional Intelligence; increase ability to read others, manage self and influence situations positively
  • Build Trusted Relationships
  • Public Speaking
  • Time & Energy Management


Some Group Coaching Topics Include: 

Master Your Coaching Skills to Empower Your People & Foster Belonging

Research shows that coaching is one of the most powerful tools leaders have at their disposal to motivate and develop their people. Since it centers the person being coached, it’s also an inherently inclusive practice.

To leverage the full potential of coaching we need to dig into  what makes it most effective and to develop our most authentic coaching style.

Our work together will include:

  • Exploring the fundamentals of coaching & why it can be so impactful
  • Developing your natural coaching style by playing with different types of coaching conversations & questions
  • Making a plan to use coaching to empower your people & foster a culture of belonging


Women At Work

Women still receive mixed messages and experience unique challenges in the workforce. There is much to be gained in sharing experiences and exploring tools and resources for managing those challenges.

I work to create an easy, open space that enables women to hear, challenge and support each other so we can tackle the issues above and below the surface of their work environments that impact productivity and well-being.

We will explore topics such as:

  • The heightened tension between assertiveness & likeability women experience
  • Managing Bias
  • How we think about executive presence
  • Empowering ourselves & each other
  • Allies & mentors

Digging Deep to Engender Inclusivity & Belonging

This is for leaders, influencers and culture carriers of your organization who seek more confidence and resources in their efforts to promote equity, inclusion and belonging; leaders who with the right tools and support, will lay the foundation necessary for meaningful cultural shifts to take place.

In this workshop we:

  • Deepen consideration of how our working environments may be holding up hidden norms, beliefs, and behaviors that undermine everyone’s ability to thrive
  • Develop skills to identify and name acts of exclusion and to engage in conversations that promote a broader sense of belonging
  • Build our leadership confidence as we also embrace a learner’s mindset and build our comfort with complexity and the possibility of not getting it right

Let It Go! Exploring What You Can Do More and Less of to Reach New Goals and Increase Ownership & Accountability in Others

Leadership almost always requires a process of letting go; of things you like, are good at, and value. It’s really hard! Yet to focus your energy on new priorities and to develop others, it must be done.

Group coaching is an ideal environment to share ideas and tools for how to make this process empowering for you and those you lead.

We will explore topics like :

  • How we think about time & prioritization
  • How we define and communicate goals for ourselves and our teams
  • Mastering the conversations that create transparency and accountability
  • The foundational ingredient of trust


“Corena’s guidance and insight has greatly improved my ability to navigate business challenges associated with rapid growth. Additionally, our entire team has benefitted and thrived as a result of my improved and more empowering leadership skills”

– Chief Global Operations Officer
Promotional/Branding Product Design Company

“As a coach, Corena combined insights with thought provoking questions that allowed me to become a more effective and purposeful leader.
I credit her with helping me develop tools and techniques to excel in a complex environment during challenging times”

Executive Vice President
American Television Network
“My work with Corena has helped me slow down and respond with more empathy while also feeling more confident as a (female) leader in on-going, complex dynamics.
Corena has an equal amount of emotional and logical intelligence which she moves between fluidly … essentially, she helped me figure out how to do the same thing”

– Showrunner/Executive Producer
American Premium Television Network