We all have more options available to us than we recognize

I work with established and emerging leaders to build their skills and optimize their impact.

The best work comes from those who feel their authenticity and sense of purpose align with their ability to achieve and excel. We are at our best when we communicate with both confidence and with humility. We have the greatest impact when we can be both candid and kind. Finding such critical balances leads to the purposeful, generous leadership necessary for individuals and organizations to thrive.

We all have more options available to us than we currently recognize. More options for how we approach people and situations and for how we get things done. We have more choice about what we pay attention to, what we drill down on, and what we let go. I work with people to build intentionality and expand awareness of the numerous choices before them each day so they can refine skills and redirect energy towards what matters most.


Working with me will equip you to:

  • navigate your roles with greater ease & greater courage
  • communicate & build relationships with confidence, compassion & influence
  • inspire a culture of trust & accountability
  • take a more intentional stand in the pursuit of equity & inclusion 

It starts and ends with you

Why Coaching Works

Coaching works because it starts and ends with you.

You define where you are, where you want to be, and together, we build a road to get you there. We’ll identify strengths to turn the volume up on and what no longer serves you that you can let go. We’ll explore shifts in mindset that will open more possibility for how you approach tasks and problems. What adjustments in your daily interactions could expand a sense of potential in others and more powerfully influence outcomes? Throughout the process we’ll consider where you can be more courageous and where you can give yourself a break. The coaching process is uniquely tailored to each client, so your needs and values align with achieving your goals.

About Corena

I’m a communication and leadership coach with deep experience in both global Fortune 100 companies and smaller companies navigating rapid growth and changing culture. I work in an array of industries including financial services, law, management consulting, tech and media. I draw on my career as an actor to help clients develop the presence and skill required to ensure their messages are convincingly conveyed to the broad audience of stakeholders they need to impact every day. My clients achieve more confidence in their own voices and more courage and comfort in their ability to influence people, decisions and outcomes. As a communication and difficult conversations coach I am dedicated to helping equip those with influence to be effective change agents in the service of equity and inclusion. To embolden leaders to find the language and resources they need to challenge harmful norms and lean into the conversations they fear most—the ones that will unleash the best in themselves and the people around them.


“Corena’s guidance and insight has greatly improved my ability to navigate business challenges associated with rapid growth. Additionally, our entire team has benefitted and thrived as a result of my improved and more empowering leadership skills.”

~ Chief Global Operations Officer

Brand Design & Marketing Company


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